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Three Lakes Valley Boot Camp

20825 Cold Creek Road
P.O. Box 208
Indian Springs, Nevada 89070
PHONE: (702) 879-1369

Administrative Staff:
Brian E. Williams, Warden
Frank Dreesen, Associate Warden
Minor Adams, Associate Warden
Lt. Sha'kayla St. Mary, Camp Manager


The Three Lakes Valley Boot Camp is a 190 day Program of Regimental Discipline designed to allow judges to give non violent first time offenders with lesser crimes an opportunity to better themselves and become productive citizens without having to be sent to prison, while providing a less costly alternative to the taxpayers than incarceration.

Three Lakes Valley Boot camp opened in 1991 with a population of 63 as the Indian Springs Boot Camp and underwent the same change in name as Three Lakes Valley Conservation Camp in 2008 with a population of 80 offenders.

During the 190 days offenders, referred to as “Trainees”, are required to attend a “Life Skills” programming which include Substance Abuse, Anger Management, Cultural Diversity, Family Dynamics and Employability classes to provide them with a better opportunity for success upon release. Trainees also perform community service, which includes working at Opportunity Village, Habitat for Humanity, US Air Force, National Wild Horse Association and numerous State agencies.


  • 8 Protective Services Staff
  • 1 Correctional Casework Specialist I
  • 1 Life Skills Instructor
  • Capacity:

    Three Lakes Valley Boot Camp houses only “Safe Keepers” which the court recommends for the program. Capacity for TLVBC is 75.

    5500 Snyder Ave,

    P.O. Box 7011

    Carson City, Nevada, 89701
    Telephone (775) 887-3285


    Silver State Industries
    5500 Snyder Ave,

    P.O. Box 7011

    Carson City, Nevada, 89702
    Telephone (775) 883-6263

    State of Nevada Seal
    Governor – Brian Sandoval
    Director – James “Greg” Cox