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Send Money to Inmates Fast and Easy

Use a credit/debit card to send money to an Inmate's Trust Fund Account online at or over the phone at 1 (800) 574-5729. The Inmate's account will be credited within 4 days from date of transaction, not including weekends and banking holidays.

Click Here to Send Money Now

Sending money to an inmate's trust account via JPay

Credit or Debit Card Money Transfers

  • You can send money by using your credit or debit card 24 hours a day online or by calling JPay toll free and speaking to a live Customer Service Agent.
  • A small fee is applied by Jpay to each deposit.
  • To send money over the phone, call JPay at 1-800-574-5729.
  • Click Here to Send Money Online

Cash Money Transfers

  • You can also send Cash by using Ace Cash Express or MoneyGram.

ACE Cash Express

  • Visit your nearest Ace Cash Express Store. No forms are necessary.
  • To send a payment through Ace Cash Express:
    • Make a Bill Payment to: JPay/NV
    • Bring the correct Inmate ID number
    • Your Fee: $5.00

MoneyGram Transfer to Nevada

  • Visit any MoneyGram location nationwide.
  • MoneyGram is also conveniently located inside every Wal-Mart and Abertsons.
  • To send a payment through MoneyGram you must:
    • Use a MoneyGram Express Payment Form
    • Receive Code: 3208
    • Account Number: Inmate ID, Inmate Last Name (ex. 12345, Smith)
    • Message: Inmate ID, Inmate Last Name, Location (ex. 12345, Smith, NDOC)
    • Fee: $6.95

How to use the JPay service for Electronic Mail

  • The Nevada Department of Corrections now offers an additional way to send mail to an inmate.
  • You can now send email by visiting or by clicking the JPay logo above.
  • Your emails will be printed in the mail room at your inmate's facility and distributed during regular mail call.
  • If you have questions about how to use the JPay Service for Electronic Mail call 1-800-574-5729 (5729).

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